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حسابداری، مقالات حسابداری ، مقاله ISI

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Journal of Product Innovation Management
New Product Development Processes and New Product Profitability: Exploring the Mediating Role of Speed to Market and Product Quality 
Regina C. McNally, M. Billur Akdeniz, Roger J. Calantone
Business Strategy Review
Five Mistaken Beliefs Business Leaders Have About Innovation
Freek Vermeulen
European Management Review
Learning from Failures or Failing to Learn? Lessons from Pharmaceutical R&D 
Laura Magazzini, Fabio Pammolli, 
Massimo Riccaboni
Knowledge and Process Management
An AHP-based framework for selecting knowledge management tools to sustain innovation process 
Michele Grimaldi and 
Pierluigi Rippa
R&D Management
Innovation management techniques and development degree of innovation process in service organizations
Luigi D'Alvano and Antonio Hidalgo
Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources
The adoption and diffusion of human resources information systems in Singapore
Thompson S.H. Teo, 
Ghee Soon Lim, Sherin Ann Fedric
Business Strategy and the Environment
Sustainable entrepreneurship and sustainability innovation: categories and interactions
Stefan Schaltegger and 
Marcus Wagner
Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences / Revue Canadienne des Sciences de l'Administration
Relinking Cross-functional Collaboration, Knowledge Integration Mechanisms, and Product Innovation Performance: a Moderated Mediation Model 
Kuen-Hung Tsai, 
Teresa Tiaojung Hsu, 
Wenchang Fang
Information Systems Journal
Assembling infrastructures and business models for service design and innovation 
George Kuk, Marijn Janssen
Production and Operations Management
Leveraging Open Innovation Using Intermediary Networks 
Corey Billington, Rhoda Davidson
Strategic Management Journal
How knowledge affects radical innovation: Knowledge base, market knowledge acquisition, and internal knowledge sharing 
Kevin Zheng Zhou, 
Caroline Bingxin Li
Policy Studies Journal
Punctuated Equilibrium Theory and the Diffusion of Innovations 
Graeme Boushey
Communication, Culture and Critique
Activist Journalism: Using Digital Technologies and Undermining Structures
Tamar Ashuri
Business Ethics: A European Review
Strategic partnerships, social capital and innovation: accounting for social alliance innovation
Dima Jamali, Mary Yianni 
and Hanin Abdallah
International Journal of Management Reviews
Collaborative Innovation with Customers: A Review of the Literature and Suggestions for Future Research 
Charles R. Greer and David Lei
Corporate Governance: 
An International Review
Does Ownership Structure Matter for Firm Technological Innovation Performance? The Case of Korean Firms 
Suk Bong Choi, Byung Il Park 
and Paul Hong
Journal of Management Studies
Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid: A Recipe for Inclusive Growth or Social Exclusion? 
Hall, Stelvia Matos, Lorn Sheehan 
and Bruno Silvestre
New Technology, Work and Employment
The sociology of innovation and new biotechnologies
Lisa J. Daniel and Patrick Dawson
Design Management Journal
Design-Driven Innovation Process Model
Claudia Acklin
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management
Stakeholders' Influences on Corporate Green Innovation Strategy: A Case Study of Manufacturing Firms in China
Qi Guoyou, Zeng Saixing, 
Tam Chiming, Yin Haitao 
and Zou Hailiang
Decision Sciences
Innovation Strategy, Human Resource Policy, and Firms' Revenue Growth: The Roles of Environmental Uncertainty and Innovation Performance 
Adegoke Oke, Fred O. Walumbwa,
Andrew Myers
Leader to Leader
Breaking away: A New model for Innovation 
Jane Stevenson, Bilal Kaafarani
Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
Aspirations, innovation, and corporate venture capital: A behavioral perspective 
Vibha Gaba, Shantanu Bhattacharya
Public Administration Review
Predictors of Administrative and Technological Innovations in Nonprofit Organizations 
Kristina Jaskyte
Human Communication Research
How Users Take Advantage of Different Forms of Interactivity on Online News Sites: Clicking, E-Mailing, and Commenting
Pablo J. Boczkowski, 
Eugenia Mitchelstein
British Journal of Management
How Innovative are UK Firms? Evidence from the Fourth UK Community Innovation Survey on Synergies between Technological and Organizational Innovations 
Giuliana Battisti and 
Paul Stoneman
The Journal of Creative Behavior
Measuring Functional Creativity: Non-Expert Raters and the Creative Solution Diagnosis Scale
David H. Cropley and 
James C. Kaufman
Creativity and Innovation Management
Communitition: the Tension between Competition and Collaboration in Community-Based Design Contests
Katja Hutter, Julia Hautz, Johann Füller, 
Julia Mueller, Kurt Matzler
Journal of Organizational Behavior
Diversity and organizational innovation: The role of employee involvement 
Yang Yang and Alison M. Konrad
Management and Organization Review
Managerial Innovation: Conceptions, Processes, and Antecedents
Fariborz Damanpour and 
Deepa Aravind
Design Management Review
Producing Customer Happiness: The Job to Do for Brand Innovation 
David W. Norton, Jeffrey F. Durgee, 
Jeffrey VanDeVelde
Gender, Work & Organization
The Move Towards the Knowledge-based Society: a Gender Approach 
Maria Caprile, 
Amparo Serrano Pascual
Global Strategy Journal
EMNE catch-up strategies in the wind turbine industry: Is there a trade-off between output and innovation capabilities? 
Snehal Awate, Marcus M. Larsen, 
Ram Mudambi
Nonprofit Management and Leadership
Board of directors and innovation in nonprofit organizations 
Kristina Jaskyte
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy
Innovation Strategy and Entry Deterrence 
Ozge Turut, Elie Ofek
Negotiation and Conflict Management Research
Innovation and Conflict Management in Work Teams: The Effects of Team Identification and Task and Relationship Conflict 
Helena Syna Desivilya, Anit Somech, Helena Lidgoster
Communication Theory
Media Effects in an Era of Rapid Technological Transformation: A Case of User-Generated Content and Political Participation
Ivan Dylko, Michael McCluskey

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